Dynamic Action Group
  Our Approach


1 – Provide Basic and secondary Education.


This would take both formal and informal phases: Formal has to do with sponsoring vulnerable children, building classrooms where none is available but indispensable. Informal has to do with workshops and seminars. Education at least basic is is a prerequisite to personal/community development in line with the saying that “Education is the gateway to development.” The more people become literate, the faster the rate of development in our local communities as per some prescriptions in the Millennium Development Goals.


2 –Facilitate Language Center.


English and French Languages will be promoted by embedding them into formal school curricula, where such facilities are not available. Such Bilingual Centers will be constructed and operated when in absolute need. Society would become more bilingual exposing them to more opportunities in all domains locally, nationally and in the international scene. A token fee will be imposed for needed materials.



Medium of Communication/MIT.

This has to do with providing and facilitating computer, Internet, radio, television and other modern technological facilities to individuals and communities in need of these as a means of promoting communication. This way DAG would bridge the wide information divide amongst the urban, rural and international communities. There is planned continuous training on Internet and computer with a community centre and project coordinator to run the centre. A minimal fee is fixed to cater for bills and stationery. This way school levers and school dropouts would be equipped for the job market and/or their individual initiatives given ICT are mainstream in all contemporary activities.


A radio/TV station will be set up to cater for information needs of rural and isolated communities. This way information barrier and delay would be broken and minimized. Minimal fees will be paid for announcements and other services just to cater for staff compensation. DAG shall embark on the production of documentaries on both prints and electronic nature as well as serve as a news and advertising agency.




Farm to market roads including culvets and bridges.


4 - Provide farm inputs, technologies and marketing facilities (Agriculture)


      Farm Inputs- DAG will provide a store for farm inputs at discounted prices compared to market prices. This effort ensures availability of inputs as and when needed resulting in increased productivity. Any profits made will be used to manage the store rooms and foot other bills.


      Farm Techniques- Agricultural machines and tools will be supplied by DAG to individual farmers and groups free of charge or at discounted prices depending on the acquisition conditions. These include cutlasses, hoes, diggers, trucks, wheel barrows, watery cans, pumps and spraying cans etc.


      Product Processing- Cassava grinding machines, oil pressing machines, coffee hurling machines, etc will be provided to farmers. Drum ovens would be provided to farmers for drying of cocoa, vegetables, fish etc for a small fee to sustain the project. Rot and waste are thus highly minimized as well as assured increased revenue levels.


      Marketing Facilities-Farm to market roads will be constructed including bridges and a culvet as needs arises. Also, DAG will provide storage facilities for agric products, locate markets for farmers products and arrange for the marketing procedures proper.


Livestock Women will be trained on procedures of livestock farming and would be granted financial and in-kind assistance to take off such farms in cases of extreme need.



Revise, preserve and promote positive cultural values: DAG will promote, review, preserve and modernize where necessary the various cultural facets of Cameroonian cultural practices – traditional dances, singing, traditional practices, works of art and sporting activities. Inappropriate traditional practices will be discouraged by regular sensitization/educational talks with the chiefs and the subjects’ e. g group and interpersonal discussions will be employed as the case may be. 


      Dances/Singing- DAG will explore and revise lost traditional dances at individual and group levels. For groups, DAG shall liaise with viable organizations to ensure the sustainability of our cultural heritage notably by sponsoring annual cultural festivals and competitions for singing and dancing.


      Traditional Practices- DAG shall seek to discourage cruel traditional practices like female genital mutilation, cruel widowhood practices, unborn or childhood marriages; all, forms of human rights abuses and gender inequality. Gender equity and balance is assured here.


      Works of Arts- DAG shall encourage the production of local works of art carried out by our local craftsmen and women by providing a market for their products. The group shall also seek to encourage and explore local talent towards theatre art performances with the view of venturing them into the film industry.


      Sporting Activities- Traditional and contemporary sporting activities would be promoted through sponsorship at club and individual levels; Participation fee would be used to better equip team member. A cup and three prizes with financial tokens would be issued to winners which will encourage and assist them to develop their personal talents for immediate or future benefits.

Tourism/Microcredit and others

7 - Encourage and promote local eco-tourism: DAG shall identify all touristic sites, hotels, etc of Cameroon and publicize them to the tourism markets and interested institutions. DAG shall also liaise with tourism organizations and tourists in transit towards the improvement and development of the tourism industry in Cameroon. DAG will serve as a medium through which visiting tourists to Cameroon will discover the beauty of the country. DAG would regularly publishing update on the touristic potentials of the country. Individuals as well as groups will be encouraged and mobilized by DAG to carry out excursions to accessible touristic sites around their vicinity.

8 - Micro credit scheme facilities: DAG would grant farm loans to women at the start of the farming session and during school re-opening. A micro finance institution will be created to cater for the financial need of the underprivileged especially rural women who mostly have no fixed assets to use as guarantee for a loan. Beneficiaries will pay a minimal interest rate lower than the bank rate to cater for administrative and other costs.


9 - Reform and rehabilitate street and incarcerated: Children DAG will provide a home for street and incarcerated children and offer vocational training/educational facilities as need may be to reinstate them into normal life in due course. Provision may be made as well for their daily feeding and up keep; all free of charge.


10 - Financial and material support to the underprivileged.


DAG will sponsor children of poor families, aid with food and clothing and assist the parents financially or in kind in establishing a business that would sustain the family.


11 – To enhance Rural Community Infrastructural development DAG will aid in developing rural areas especially in domains of bridges, culverts. Community halls, Health Centers etc.


12 - Public and social services: Water, lighting facilities, health care, etc would be provided to local/enclaved communities


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